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A premium ads-free version of popular Word Games app is finally here!

Word Games PRO is a collection of 37 addicting word search, spelling & guessing games in a single app!

All the games are highscores based, so don't forget to submit your score to see who is the best!

No ads, just fun!

Go for highscores!

***** Games included *****

* Word Search - Find all the words above the board. For each complete game you get +1 point! Collect as many points as you can! Thousands of English words included.

* Word Search Unlimited - Find as many words as you can and submit your score (press the TICK button in the top left corner to end the game and submit your score)

* Word Crush - Connect the same type of neighboring blocks to remove them and create words from provided letters. Collect bonuses on your way and get the best score possible in 180 seconds time limit.

* Word Connect - Connect neighboring letters and create words. Match the color of the first letter in your word for multiple points!

* Word Master - Create as many words as you can from provided letters!

* Puzzle Words - Crush the groups of the blocks and create words from the provided letters!

* Word Gram - from provided letters create as many words as you can, but watch out, each created word will add new letters and letters can't reach the top of the board, otherwise the game ends!

* Word Fill - find all the words above the board as soon as possible and fill the whole board! More games you play = better overall score you get!

* Word Flood - create as many words as you can before the board is flooded!

* Word Mania - create as many unique words as you can from provided letters! Use all the letters before the end of the time limit to progress to the next level! Collect combo points if you match the color of the first letter of you word!

* Wordies - colorful word search game, create words with 3+ combos to get the new letters, otherwise they will be removed. Get the best score possible!

* Spelling Check - test your English spelling skills in an entertaining and challenging way!

* Spelling Challenge - decide if the word on screen is spelled correctly or not!

* Spelling Test - check your spelling skills and go for highscores!

* Decide & Correct - decide if the word is spelled correctly and if not correct the word!

* Spelling Gaps - fill all the missing letters in the word previously shown! Easy & pro modes!

* 4 Words 1 Right/Wrong - out of 4 words on the screen find the correctly/incorrectly spelled one!

* Word Quiz - find the word definition as fast as possible!

* Guess Jokes, Animals & Countries - a hangman style games

* Synonyms & Antonyms - three games testing your knowledge of English words

* Grammar Test - test your English grammar skills

***** Game Features *****

* 37 word search, educational, spelling & guessing games in 1 app
* Global and local leaderboards included - see your personal bests and points of other people
* Improve your English spelling skills
* Learn new English words and vocabulary
* Play online or offline - no need to be connected to internet - just if you want to submit your score
* Collect and submit your points - more games you play, better overall score you get
* Share your score with your friends via Facebook, Google+, Email, Twitter and other social networks

Have fun with our app Word Games PRO!

If you find any bug or have any question, please let us know at littlebigplay@gmail.com.

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Website: http://www.littlebigplay.com/
Email: littlebigplay@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/littlebigplay

What's New
Version 1.1 (Jul 03, 2018)

More icons supported

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Version 1.0 (Jun 30, 2018)

* The first release of a premium version of Word Games app

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