Traitor - Valkyrie plan
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Traitor is a World War II first-person shooter game (FPS). The game tells the story of desperate renegade German Army officer and his plot against Hitler during World War II. Colonel Claus as elite ww2 officer decide to become a hitman, stealth FPS warrior to chase the enemy of freedom and become a real hero in secret. The game emplies stealth, hand-to-hand assassinations.

Are you a fan of the good FPS shooting games? This first-person shooter features stealth tactical gameplay, high-quality graphics, and fast-paced action, with secret stealth escape story in WW2 environment. Game features some of the most iconic firearms of WW2, from the German Luger to the American Thompson submachine gun. Be a part of the heroic fight for freedom. Don’t get caught by gestapo agents, eliminate hitler and escape from

WW2 battleground.

Game features:

• Intense FPS shooting gameplay
• Stealth & eliminate target
• Perfect optimization even for weak devices!
• Offline stealth FPS shooter
• Beautiful graphics!

Traitor LITE - FPS is demo version of game: Traitor - Valkyrie plan.
It contains one small level to check your device's performance and demonstrate the game.
Download this new WW2 FPS now!

**** How to play ****

- Avoid Gestapo agents even you have a german uniform.
- As an officer do not carry rifle.
- Do not let soldiers to see you with silencer or syringe equipped
- Do not aim at soldiers.
- Double tap left side to fire.
- Uniform must be clean. (use syringe)

You can’t miss this intense WW2 FPS action shooter game!


Performance of android device may vary. Please download Lite version first and test it.
Please head to one of the social media to contribute ideas and discuss if you know what you would like to see, or if you have a bug or a problem. Help us to make this game be the best fps ever done.

What's New
Version 1.20 (May 14, 2018)

Improved tutorial
Fire Button added.
Various bugs fixed

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Version 1.19 (Jul 04, 2015)

Improved tutorial
New weapon: syringe to knockout opponents
Various bugs fixed

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Version 1.16 (Jun 18, 2015)

2 0 1 1 - 2 0 1 9