Train Simulator PRO 2018
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Have you ever dreamed of being a train engineer? Train Simulator PRO 2018 will let you drive carefully modeled locomotives leading passenger or freight trains across the eastern half of the US. Whether you like fast passenger locomotives or powerful freight movers able to pull dozens of cars, in our game you will find it all. Whatever you choose, you will have to watch out for speed limits, rail crossings, signals and other trains. Plan your route wisely to maximise profits and create the most powerful railway company in the US!

During your travels, you can admire photo-realistic graphics including cities, suburbs, factories, countrysides and many more. Each locomotive includes a carefully-rendered engineer’s cabin with working levers and gauges for maximum realism. However, you have to be careful as driving recklessly or pushing the brakes for too long may damage the train. So put your engineer’s cap on, and let’s get rolling!

Main features:
▶ Almost 1000 square miles of terrain
▶ 15 cities to explore and choose job from
▶ 6 unique locomotives
▶ 14 detailed cars (3 passenger and 11 freight)
▶ Locomotives and cars damage system
▶ Locomotive cabs with interactive levers and gauges
▶ Dynamic weather and day/night system
▶ Other trains and traffic on roads
▶ Photo-realistic graphics
▶Advanced signaling and speed limit systems

What's New
Version 1.3.7 (Oct 18, 2017)

- Minor bug fixes

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Version 1.3.7 (Oct 17, 2017)

- Minor bug fixes

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Version 1.3.5 (Oct 05, 2017)

Howdy Train Simulator PRO Friends!
Here's a list of latest addition:
- ADDED possibility to run into debt (fuel problem solution)
- Graphical enhancements,
- Improved train models,
- Minor bug fixes and adjustments to improve overall player experience.
If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know at
Don't forget to rate our game, have fun!

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