Toy Store - Fruits Vs Veggies
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When the last customer has left the store, the fruits and veggies come out to play! And when they do, get ready to have fun! It’s toy time! Because in this supermarket, anything goes!

Explore a world of toys and games with the Fruits and Veggies - Nina the Banana, Kai the Pineapple, Addi the Potato, Quin the Cucumber, Han the Pumpkin and Otto the Tomato.

Here you’ll find a huge store with endless rows of toys and games for all kids – girls and boys. What could be more fun? There are so many things to do in this supermarket and so many toys to play with. Don’t be a silly panda chewing on bamboo sticks, play pretend games instead.

Toys are at the heart of this game. This supermarket game features a variety of action figures and plushies to play with, puzzles to solve, castles and dollhouses to build and all your favourite fruit and veggie characters to dress up in funny hats and costumes. You can also stack and arrange blocks with the gang or play with clay to make fun shapes.

Want to decorate the toy store with Addi the Potato? He’ll join you in painting, drawing and sketching art, inflating balloons, folding origami and sprucing up the toy store! Feeling hungry after all that decorating? Join Otto over in Quick Bites and cook up a light snack or slurp a slushie. Don’t forget to offer Han and Nina and ice cream cone - they’ll love you for it! Need a break? Head over to the bookstore where you can read books, hang with Quin on the beanbags and make your own stories with dioramas and cutouts. Once rested, head over to the sports section with Han and Addi to shoot some basketball hoops, play some mini-golf and have a tent party.

And if you can’t decide what to do, no problem! Just hand a mic to your fruit and veggie friends and see what they suggest.

Toy Store - Supermarket Game for Kids is a pretend play game that brings a hearty dose of good ol’ fashion fun to the world of the fruits and veggies. This supermarket game is perfect for boys and girls of all ages, with a variety of fun activities. Whatever you decide to do, you can feel safe knowing this is completely a kid and baby friendly supermarket environment. So Go on and unfold the wonders of supermarket joy!

● A huge selection of items to choose from and play with
● Fold origami, assemble a dollhouse, play music, discover and cook recipes, set up dioramas, watch TV.

● All your favorite Fruits Vs Veggies characters are set to chat, sing and play with you
● Give them treats to eat and toys to tinker with – they’ll love it!

● Play with toys and solve puzzles
● Make origami, paint, draw, cut and sketch to your heart’s delight in the stationery department
● Take a breather and chow down yummy snacks
● Explore the bookstore - arrange dioramas, curl up on the bean bag and browse books
● Prep yourself to go camping and play mini-golf
● Fiddle with phones, watch TV and play on the computer!

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