the Sequence
Puzzle (Games)

the Sequence is a unique puzzle game. Build a sequence using special modules to transfer binary cell. Find solutions to solve 72 levels with simple and complex structure.
Are you ready for a challenge?

"The best part of Sequence is that the design is spot-on for puzzle fanatics and casual fans alike." - TouchArcade
"Finding the right sequence is harder than it looks." - AppAdvice
"The Sequence is a unique spin on the mobile puzzler." - Gamezebo

the Sequence features:

- Variety of different levels to beat
- Several kinds of modules
- Sandbox mode
- Stylish minimalistic graphics
- Futuristic sound
- Smooth ambient music
- Provides a great challenging experience for players.
- No IAP
- No ADS

What's New
Version 1.6 (Apr 18, 2018)

Fixed wide screen resolution bug.
Fixed small bug with collision.

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Version 2.0 (Oct 05, 2015)

Some improvements have been added.

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Version 1.9 (Sep 17, 2015)

Added support for Intel-based devices

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Version 1.8 (Aug 21, 2015)

Extra 24 levels were added.

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Version 1.7 (Aug 15, 2015)

Random node generator is a temporary solution while I work on new levels.

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Version 1.6 (Aug 11, 2015)

This update fixes bugs and requires resetting in-game progress.
Apologies for the inconvenience

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Version 1.5 (Aug 10, 2015)

Some bugs were fixed.
More levels coming soon.

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Version 1.4 (Aug 09, 2015)

Some bugs were fixed.

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Version 1.3 (Aug 07, 2015)

Now you are able to play levels that already solved.
More Levels coming soon...

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Version 1.2 (Jul 21, 2015)
Version 1.1 (Jul 17, 2015)

Sequence Mode speed increased

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2 0 1 1 - 2 0 1 9