Stranger Things: The Game
Adventure (Games)

The official game for Stranger Things from Netflix and BonusXP!

Stranger Things are afoot again in Hawkins, Indiana. Join Hopper and the kids on a new, action-packed adventure!
* It's 1984 all over again. Stranger Things: The Game is an action adventure game true to the games our heroes would have played back in the day.
* Explore Hawkins and its surroundings. See your favorite locations like Mirkwood Forest and Hawkins Lab. Uncover exciting areas you've never seen before!
* Solve puzzles with the unique abilities of each character. Lucas can nail anything with his Wrist Rocket. Nancy has a whole set of bats to swing this time.
* Collect all the Eggos and Gnomes you can lay your hands on. You never know what they might unlock...

What's New
Version 1.0.280 (Nov 16, 2017)

• Fixed screen resolution issues on new devices
• Updated Max’s ability
• Fixed a door bug in the Middle School

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Version 1.0.252 (Oct 27, 2017)

New playable character at the Arcade!
New Hawkins High School dungeon
Florist and Hawk Theater Attendant have quests for you
Get to 100% all over again with the new collectibles
Things are stranger than ever in the town of Hawkins. Mike and the gang have new neighbors. Visit the Arcade to meet the new kid. Explore the Upside Down Gates that have opened around town. Solve the all-new throwback adventure in Hawkins High School.

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Version 1.0.244 (Oct 16, 2017)

New Savegame Management! If your progress through Hawkins was lost, now it is found.
If you were stuck in the Sewers, we've turned off the toilet flush. We've added an Exit button on the maps that didn't have it.
The janitor found & returned the missing A/V Cart in the School.
Fixed a few bugs with the boss doors in the Hawkins Lab dungeons.
Pick up an extra Key Card at Melvald’s General Store.
If you couldn't reach all the switches in the Laser Lab, they've been moved to be more accommodating.

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Version 1.0.227 (Oct 04, 2017)

Removed unnecessary permissions.

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Version 1.0.223 (Oct 03, 2017)

Stranger Things: The Game

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