Shred! 2 - Freeride Mountain Biking
Sports (Games)

Ride as Sam Pilgrim in over 40 adrenalin fueled levels, featuring Big Mountain, Street, Downhill & Slopestyle riding styles!

Designed and developed by a dude with a life-long Mountain Biking and Trail-Building addiction, you can rest assured that every inch of trail will push you to the absolute limit!


- Over 40 levels inspired by real-world MTB destinations, events and video segments!
- Fully scalable, cutting edge 3D graphics
- Bluetooth controller support
- Cinematic and dynamic camera angles
- “Flowy” handcrafted levels make for an addictive and authentic MTB gameplay experience
- Get your shred on to the awesome original soundtrack!
- Designed & developed by a Mountain Biker for Mountain bikers (and everyone else too!)

What's New
Version 1.16 (Jul 07, 2018)

-Added bike customization screen!
-Improved In-app-purchase support
-Menu now shows a warning if there are connection issues
-Added better tilt control options

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Version 1.12 (Jul 03, 2018)

Added optional In-app-purchase to unlock all levels

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Version 1.09 (Jul 01, 2018)

-Added new "Motowhip" trick for the FS bike
-Tweaked rider animations
-Tilt control is now MUCH better!
-You can now switch position of the spin and button tilt buttons
-Fix for hanging "Connecting" screen at start
-Added leaderboard rank to end of level
-Several Level tweaks, made Death Gap easier!
-Performance tweaks to vegetation system
-Probably more stuff that I've forgotten!

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Version 1.04 (May 31, 2018)

Several optimizations to reduce Lag
Made level progression easier
Tonnes of level tweaks for better flow
Fix for Controller Input Mapping not working correctly
Controller works better with menus
Updated Cloud support
Added extra resolution option

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Version 1.02 (May 25, 2018)

Lots of tweaks to make game-play & difficulty more progressive.
Added leaderboards!
Fixes to rectify touch input and bluetooth controller issues on some devices

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Version 1.00 (May 10, 2018)

Shred! 2 is finally here...Happy shredding!

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