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Prizefighters is the latest and greatest <i>free</i> arcade boxing game to hit the Play Store featuring an in-depth career, real-time multiplayer, player progression and customization, and fast action gameplay with intuitive fight controls.

Named as one of TOUCH ARCADE'S BEST GAMES OF 2017 - "Working your way up the ranks and buffing out your custom boxer is incredibly fun and the core mechanics are so good"

• Fight other players in real-time online PVP
• Rank up and earn coins to unlock new skills and stat upgrades
• Customize your appearance, ring, and even opponents
• Progress through an in-depth Career mode and become the greatest champion
• Practice in Arcade and Endless modes
• Play the way you like with multiple control options including gamepad support
• Take your fighter on any device with Cloud Saves
• Share replays of your best fights with the online community
• Completely free to play!

What's New
Version 2.5.0 (Jul 13, 2018)

• Cross-platform multiplayer is now possible between Android and iOS devices!
• Share your fight replays directly to any social media app (enable recording in settings)
• Wrist tape and shoe laces colors are now customizable
• Added ability to customize fighter while waiting for an online opponent
• Added slider to adjust the opacity of virtual buttons
• Improved virtual d-pad controls
• Swiping down on notifications no longer disconnects from online fight
• Added Ghana and Senegal flags

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Version 2.4.0 (Jul 04, 2018)

Happy 4th of July weekend! Check out these new additions in the latest update!
- New USA boxing trunks available to unlock
- Added a new beard and 4 new hair styles
- Cloud Save now backs up Career ranking, stats, and edits
- Fixed ability to instantly block after an attack
- Fixed blocking position getting stuck on virtual button controls
Stay tuned for the next update which will combine Android and iOS servers! Thanks for playing!

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Version 2.3.0 (Jun 22, 2018)

Added support for Google Cloud
Belts are now worn by champions in Career mode
Wear belts online by winning consecutive fights
Blood and sweat will stain the mat
Title holders indicated on Tale of the Tape
Adjusted amount of coins rewarded for completing quests
Added Arabic language
Added Trinidad & Tobago flag
Fixed Lithuania typo
Fixed Career stats not loading
Fixed Career opponent's record not saving
Fixed titles disappearing in Career mode
Fixed 'Get Up' text appearing after the clock expires

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Version 2.2.0 (Jun 02, 2018)

- Added a new Quest System. Complete daily quests to earn even more coins!
- Added the ability to customize the appearance of every opponent in Career mode
- Added 8 new achievements and 5 new leaderboards
- Added flags for Palestine, England, and Northern Ireland
- 25 coins are now rewarded for winning online casual matches
- Ability to tap with more than one finger to get back up
- Replay recording is now OFF by default
- Improved tutorial
- UI enhancements

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Version 2.1.2 (Apr 16, 2018)

- Added German and Portuguese languages
- Added unlockable option for bare fists
- Added option for sideburns

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Version 2.1.1 (Apr 09, 2018)

- Added Spanish Language (more languages coming soon!)
- Fixed online connection issues
- Fixed button configuration for Joy-Con controllers
- Added support for DAQI M1 Bluetooth Controller

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Version 2.1.0 (Apr 07, 2018)

- Added Spanish Language (more languages coming soon!)
- Fixed online connection issues
- Fixed button configuration for Joy-Con controllers

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Version 2.0.4 (Mar 29, 2018)

- Fixed online ranked stats display while connecting to a match
- Fixed Mystery Box button disabling after watching an ad

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Version 2.0.2 (Mar 22, 2018)

Forfeits will now result in a win or loss in online Ranked fights
Online casual matches now ignores weight class to reduce waiting time
Copper ranks can now create passcode rooms
Added info buttons to online screen to view rank points
Added news button to online screen
Added new online chat options
Added Rank stats to connecting screen
Doubled the amount of coins earned in Endless mode
Added Bangladesh flag
Fixed typo for Sweden flag
Fixed Endless high score display
Fixed Career progression bug

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Version 2.0.1 (Mar 15, 2018)

Prizefighters 2.0 is here! Huge thanks to everyone that participated in the beta!
New Online PVP
New Endless arcade mode
Bluetooth gamepad support
Two new music tracks
New Premium IAP that allows you to adjust your stats, change skills, and reset your online rank without spending coins
More customization options including tank tops
New flags for BB, DO, HN, IR, IQ, NI, UG, and UY
Two new leaderboards
More responsive touch controls
Balance changes to multiple skills
UI enhancements and bug fixes

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Version 1.2.3 (Jan 30, 2018)

Prizefighter is now on Discord! Join my server within the app and discuss the game with the community. I'm working hard on adding online PVP so stay tuned!
- Added victory celebrations for knocking out your opponent
- Added new hair style
- Increased damage for counter-punching the opponent
- Opponents are less likely to stand up after multiple knockdowns
- Fixed Blood Rush skill
- Added Guatemala flag
- Added Prizefighters Discord button
- UI enhancements
- Updated Privacy Policy

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Version 1.2.2 (Jan 20, 2018)

Added option for virtual controls
Added ring customization
Added ability to edit shorts stripe color
Added ability to edit opponent's name/flag in career
Added option to adjust zoom from pause menu
Added option to toggle blocking between swiping and two-finger touching
Added flags for AL, BN, CR, SV, LB, PY
You can now dodge if fatigued
Agility Skill change: Doubles momentum gained for successful dodges
Resilient Skill change: Doubles rate of stamina recovered if health less than 25%
Bug Fixes

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Version 1.1.2 (Jan 04, 2018)

- It is now easier to get up from the first knockdown of a fight. The difficulty will increase after each subsequent knockdown.
- Added 16 new flags: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Ecuador, Estonia, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Romania, Scotland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Wales
- Fixed bug where CPU doesn't attack
- Gameplay pauses if pushed to the background
- Back button pauses and unpauses gameplay
- Support for Android multi-window

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Version 1.1.1 (Dec 28, 2017)

- Added in an explanation of Endurance during the tutorial. The less maximum health you have remaining, the faster you have to tap to get up!
- Added SFX for opponent dodges.
- New flag: Cyprus. Please request flags to be added in the next update.
- Fixed player sometimes not going to the corner after knocking down an opponent.

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Version 1.1.0 (Dec 21, 2017)

- Next challenger is randomly selected when defending the title
- Career opponents will improve after suffering a loss. No more bullying!
- More stamina is drained when punched in the body
- Fixed judge scoring for knockdowns
- Added 8 New Flags: Bosnia, Colombia, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Malaysia, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland
- Added new UI and In-Game Sound Effects
- Added more post-fight headlines
- Added 7 new achievements
- UI enhancements
- Knocked out some pesky bugs

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Version 1.0.1 (Dec 16, 2017)

- Screen orientation now respects Android orientation settings.
- Added back button functionality to exit the app from the title screen.

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Version 2017.11.27 (Nov 27, 2017)

Improved dodging
Swipe up/down to block
Adjust screen division for punches
Less stamina used for landed punches, 50% more for blocked, 100% more for dodged
Body punches deplete stamina
Increased punching damage and KOs
Increased sound and added volume sliders
Added telegraph for opponent attacks
Lowered beginning career opponent’s difficulty
Next fight in career mode automatically scheduled after a fight
Removed option to skip opponents
Skills viewable after purchase
Added landscape mode

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Version 2017.11.22 (Nov 22, 2017)

Hello! Welcome to the Prizefighters Beta Test. Thank you very much for your interest and support of my game. Your feedback is very valuable and will help shape and polish the final release in the coming weeks. This version is about 85% complete so there will be some minor bugs and unfinished portions of the game, however, any thoughts on the game thus far is much appreciated. I hope you enjoy playing it!

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