Please, Don't Touch Anything VR
Puzzle (Games)

Covering for a colleague who is taking a bathroom break, you find yourself in front of a mysterious console consisting of a green screen monitor with a live image of an unknown city. Also present is an ominous red button with the simple instruction to not touch anything!

You can push the big red button once, or many times to expose various puzzles. This button mashing exposes a chain of new clues and puzzles with branching non-linear solutions.

Scavenge the room for clues, tools, and buttons to solve riddles and trigger explosive events. This deceptively simple console has many secrets to reveal.

This new VR version of the classic game features new high-quality visuals, new mechanics, updated classic endings with new solutions, and a slew of new endings. Defiant button pressers are now presented with over 30 engaging puzzles.

Go ahead, press the button. You know you want to.

What's New
Version 1.1.1259 (Jun 08, 2018)

- Fixed a bug causing the credits to intermittently fail to complete
- Added adaptive icon assets

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Version 1.1.1256 (May 25, 2018)

Minor fix to VR icon.
Fix to exit behavior in Daydream.

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2 0 1 1 - 2 0 1 9