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Play, practice or get perfect hold advice on over 330 types of Video Poker games and over 1600 associated pay tables one might encounter in real casinos.

This version expands on our Pro version with an entirely new internal architecture that enables us to take advantage of modern devices and implement more advanced video poker game features such as Flip and Pay, Magic Deal, Dream Card, and many others.

Once a game type and pay table are selected, there are three different modes of usage:

Perfect Hold Advice - select five cards from a deck and this app shows a perfect hold hand, that is, the cards to hold that maximizes the average or expected long-run payouts. (Some hands have more than one optimal play and you set the criteria to break the ties. These hands are indicated.)

Scored Practice - here a random hand is dealt, the user selects hold cards and then this is rated against a perfect hold hand.

Game Mode - a player just plays the game for fun where random cards are dealt, the player selects hold cards, a draw is made and any payouts recorded. The same draws are used to fill-in a perfect hold hand for comparisons. You are shown what is a perfect hold on each hand after play.

Each hand, regardless of mode, is saved for later review.

Trip Recorder - this feature is used to record data associated with video poker gambling trips or activity.

A Money Management feature gives classic gambler's ruin probabilities.

You can build your own Pay Table for almost every game and get the usual statistics. Once created, these Pay Tables can be used just like built-in tables.

Each Perfect Play is explained in detail if desired. Extensive help screens are provided as are information buttons throughout the screens.

The games Supported are:

Ace and Deuce Bonus Poker
Ace on the Deal
Aces and Eights
Aces and Faces
Acey Deucey Poker
Aces and Jacks
All Aces Poker
All American
Anything Wild - 12 games
Big Win Poker
Black Jack Bonus - 2 games
Blazing Sevens
Bonus Deuces Wild
Bonus Flush
Bonus Full House
Bonus Plus Aces and Faces
Bonus Poker
Bonus Poker Plus
Bonus Poker Deluxe
Bonus Royals - 8 Games
Color Match Royals - 6
Deal Draw - 6
Deluxe Deuces Wild
Deuce on the Deal
Deuces and Joker Wild
Deuces Plus
Deuces Wild
Deuces Wild Dbl Dbl Bonus
Double Aces and Faces
Double Acey Deucey
Double Bonus Deuces Wild
Double Bonus Double Jackpot
Double Bonus Poker
Double Deuces Wild
Double Dbl Aces and Faces
Double Dbl Bonus Plus
Double Dbl Bonus Poker
Double Dbl Jackpot
Double Down Stud - 8
Double Jackpot
Double Joker Wild
Double Pay - 6 gms
Double Royal Deluxe
Double Super Times Pay - 9
Downtown Deuces Wild
Dream Card - 8 gms
Face Card Frenzy - 14
Faces n' Deuces
Fast Fours - 5
Five Aces
Five Jokers
Flip and Pay - 6
Flush Fever
Four Jokers
Full House Bonus
Good Times Pay - 9
Haywire - 11
High Fives
Hot Roll - 12
Jackpot Deuces Wild
Jackpot Poker
Jacks or Better
Joker Poker (Kings, Aces, 2 Pair, Jacks)
King of House
Loose Deuces
Louisiana Double
Lucky Nugget
Lucky Quads Wheel Poker - 8
Max Action - 8
Moving Multipliers - 11
Mystery Bonus
Nevada Bonus Poker
Odyssey Deuces
One-Eyed Jacks (Aces, 2 Pair)
Pay the Aces (No Faces)
Pick 'em Poker - 4
Power House
Quick Quads - 6 games
Quick Quads w Wheel Poker - 6
Red Black Double Double
Royal Aces Bonus
Royal Court
Royal Deuces
Royal Diamonds
Royal Sevens
Sevens Wild
Sevens and Joker Wild
Spin Fever - 5
Split Way Royal
Stack the Deck - 8
Straight Flush Bonus
Straight Flush Deluxe
Super Aces
Super Aces Bonus
Super Deuces Wild
Super Dbl Bonus Poker
Super Dbl Dbl Bonus Poker
Super Draw - 9
Super Hand - 8
Super Pay
Super Double Pay
Super Times Pay - 10
Super Triple Play - 9
Super Triple Bonus Poker
Super Draw Deuces
Super Draw Deuces Wild Bonus
Tens or Better
Triple Bonus Deuces
Triple Bonus Plus
Triple Bonus Poker
Triple Dbl Bonus Poker
Triple Trpl Bonus Poker
Two Ways Royal
Ultra Bonus Poker
USA Poker
Wheel Poker - 7
White Hot Aces
Zero Jacks or Better
5Dimes Bonus - 6

What's New
Version 1.034 (May 28, 2018)

Fixed some minor display issues in Advice mode.

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Version 1.033 (May 27, 2018)

Pay tables having unequal probabilities for min and max variance plays were displaying just the min variance probabilities. Fixed.

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Version 1.032 (May 26, 2018)

Fixed the Progressive feature to allow lower payout values. Also fixed the non-removal of the WHY? button in Advice mode when called for.

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Version 1.031 (May 22, 2018)

No biggie, changed some internal algorithms.

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Version 2018.05.19 (May 19, 2018)

Added 8 new Double Down Stud pay tables and fixed some minor bugs in Trip Recorder.

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Version 2018.05.14 (May 14, 2018)

Added 13 games and 150 pay tables over a variety of games.

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Version 2018.05.02 (May 02, 2018)

If in Game mode a hand had a tie and then the user switches games, the tie dialog remained showing. Fixed.

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Version 2018.04.28 (Apr 28, 2018)

Added 22 pay tables to Max Action Poker. Routine minor updates and fixes.

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Version 2018.04.21 (Apr 21, 2018)

Added Triple Double Bonus to the Max Action games. Fixed some minor bugs in keyboard card input and the History page of the app.

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Version 2018.04.15 (Apr 15, 2018)

Added 2 new Face Frenzy games and over 40 related pay tables.

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Version 2018.04.03 (Apr 03, 2018)

Routine minor tweaks applied.

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Version 2018.03.19 (Mar 19, 2018)

Fixed a bug with Magic Deal’s Build Your Own paytable feature.

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Version 2018.03.14 (Mar 14, 2018)

Added 7 Max Action games to the Pro+ app.

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Version 2018.02.21 (Feb 21, 2018)

In Game Mode, if (a) the option "Clear Cards with Paytable Changes" is ON and if (b) one Deals a hand (but hasn’t drawn yet and then (c) changes to a different pay table in the same game family, the cards in the dealt hand were added back to the deck twice, resulting in duplicates. Fixed.

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Version 2018.02.14 (Feb 14, 2018)

Added 11 Haywire and 11 Moving Multiplier games.

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Version 2018.02.09 (Feb 09, 2018)

Added 12 Face Card Frenzy games eight Double Down Stud games, 4 new Flip and Pay pay tables, and 7 new pay tables for other games.

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Version 2018.01.14 (Jan 14, 2018)

Added eight Stack the Deck games and one Pick ‘em Joker Poker (Jacks) game.

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Version 2017.12.02 (Dec 02, 2017)

Added 14 new pay tables found in some online video poker games.

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Version 2017.11.27 (Nov 27, 2017)

Certain combinations of settings could result in a tied hand being counted as an error in the performance statistics. Fixed.

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Version 1.015 (Nov 09, 2017)

Fixed serious display problem in Magic Deal game mode.

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Version 1.014 (Nov 02, 2017)

Updated side-by-side comparison table.

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Version 1.013 (Oct 26, 2017)

Replaced recently deprecated java features.

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Version 1.011 (Oct 20, 2017)

Upgraded support libraries. Various minor issues fixed or implemented.

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Version 1.010 (Oct 19, 2017)

Removed a screen limitation.

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Version 1.009 (Oct 16, 2017)

Fixed a numerical instability in ruin outcome probabilities for certain target outcomes.

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Version 1.008 (Oct 14, 2017)

Added a Settings option for Pick ‘em Poker games so that the DRAW or EVAL button will be automatically selected when one selects a Hold card.

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Version 1.007 (Oct 13, 2017)

Three versions of Pick ’em Poker Games along with 13 accompanying pay tables were added.

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Version 1.006 (Oct 08, 2017)

Fixed a glitch in the Ruin View Specific feature.

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Version 1.005 (Oct 05, 2017)

Added additional pay table outcomes to the Ruin choices for target events.

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Version 1.004 (Sep 28, 2017)

More Trip Recorder changes – mostly heading and ordering changes.

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Version 1.003 (Sep 16, 2017)

Added fields to Trip Recorder Session Info to provide an over-ride to the casino reward rates for a session and to show an estimate of the user rate of play. We forced all scrollbars to show without fading. Also, multi-column pay tables are now spaced better to clearly show different columns..

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Version 1.002 (Sep 14, 2017)

We added four new fields to the Trip Recorder Session data: a Machine ID, a start and end Player’s reward balance for the session and an estimated number of hands played that we calculate from the point balances, game details (coin size and number of lines) and the casino’s reward rate that is entered on the Casino record.

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Version 1.001 (Sep 01, 2017)

Fixed bug where sometimes the app would lock when exiting from Pay Table Selection. Also, fixed a minor bug in Game Selection.

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Version 1.000 (Aug 18, 2017)

This is the initial release of our newest app, ProPlus. It gives Perfect Play advice for over 250 types of Video Poker games and over 1,200 associated, built-in pay tables one might encounter in casinos. It requires the Nougat level android operating system.

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