Arcade (Games)

Advanced open-source PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 (TG16) emulator based on Mednafen, designed and tested on the original Droid/Milestone, Xoom, Galaxy S2, Nexus 4, Nexus 7, NVidia Shield, Xperia Tablet Z, and Xperia Play, but works on virtually any device with similar or better specs.

Features include:
* Accurate emulation and high compatibility rate (Note: Data swapped TG16 roms are not supported, see known issues on website for a fix if you're getting a black screen on load)
* Backup memory and save state support, auto-save and ten manual slots for save states
* Supports ROM-based games in .pce and .sgx formats, optionally in ZIP, RAR, or 7Z files
* CD emulation via loading CUE, CCD, or TOC+BIN files, select a system card rom in the options
* CUE files support external audio tracks in Ogg Vorbis & Wav (PCM, ADPCM, etc) formats
* Configurable on-screen multi-touch controls
* HID Bluetooth/USB gamepad & keyboard support compatible with any input device recognized by the OS, Wii controllers also supported if running Android 4.1 or lower, all devices support custom key profiles
* Works in any orientation

No ROMs are included with this app and must be supplied by the user. A number of public domain games/demos are available at www.pdroms.de. Transfer games anywhere to your internal storage/SD card and browse to them from within the app (default SD card directory is /mnt/sdcard).

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Visit the homepage at explusalpha.com for more info & apps, ports for other platforms, and GPL source code. Please report any crashes or device-specific problems via email (include your device name and OS version) so future updates continue to run on as many devices as possible.

What's New
Version 2018.03.03 (Mar 03, 2018)

* Add option to automatically increase audio buffer size if needed such as when routing audio over Bluetooth
* Fix possible crash in the new audio code

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Version 2018.03.02 (Mar 02, 2018)

* Add option to automatically increase audio buffer size if needed such as when routing audio over Bluetooth
* Fix possible crash in the new audio code

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Version 2018.02.26 (Feb 26, 2018)

* Re-written audio backend with reduced latency default settings
* Fix possible crash when loading a game and integer-only zoom is set
* Add storage devices path to file locations menu

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Version 2018.02.23 (Feb 23, 2018)

Various fixes and improvements
Due to large amount of changes, view the full release notes @ http://www.explusalpha.com/home/general-info/updates

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Version 2016.07.25 (Jul 25, 2016)

* Fixed loading games with international characters from archives
* Fixed blank directory listing on some Android devices
* Fixed crash when using Samsung screen recorder
* Fixed Mix With Other Apps option not toggling on
* Fixed crashes on some devices like the LG G4 on Android 6.0 related to the GPU Copy Mode option
* Improved error messages when selecting files & directories
* Clicking the middle of the navigation bar in a file browser returns to home path

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Version 2016.06.27 (Jun 27, 2016)

* Show error messages for various file loading errors in browser
* Fixed loading archives front intents & shortcuts
* Restored missing sound option "Mix With Other Apps"
* Fixed screenshot write error, and taking a screenshot now advances a frame each time
* Fixed crash on Nexus 6 on Android N with GPU Copy Mode set to Auto
* Fixed lack of input response on devices like the Moto G with Marshmallow update
* Recognize stylus input as touch events

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Version 2012.01.18 (Jan 18, 2012)

2 0 1 1 - 2 0 1 9