Ninja Heroes - Storm Battle (Global)
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Ready for a legendary adventure?

Ninja Heroes - Storm Battle (Global): The Best Ninja Anime RPG Game ever. Enjoy the original story of the most popular nanuto anime in this latest RPG game.

Form your team of fantasy ninjas, legends, and heroes to join millions of other players in a worldwide cross-server ninja world war battle (Global Server)!

☆ An Epic Ninja Saga RPG ☆
The ninja world war story might have ended, but the saga lives on in Ninja Heroes - Storm Battle! Fight against the latest threat to the world of ninjutsu, including clashes with ninjas from other countries worldwide clan. The true final ninja x battle is arriving in the ultimate anime RPG!

☆ Hundreds of Ninja Heroes and Shinobi to recruit ☆
Battling against the rising threat means you need the help of others! Recruit from hundreds of ninjas and shinobi heroes to form your own ninja team, including legends which you could only dream of! Together with your tactics, blaze through the world of rinnegan ninjutsu and leave your mark!

☆ Unleash Blazing Ninjutsu Attacks with Tactics ☆
Gain access to new and more powerful sharingan & rinnegan ninjutsu attacks as your ninjas level up! Offensive, defensive, and support skills are at your disposal. Deploy your tactics and time the usage of skills wisely on the x battle field and PVP arena. Each wrong move could lead to your loss in this intense world of ninjutsu. Become the most powerful heroes team today!

☆ Hand-drawn Ninjas ☆
All pocket ninja classic characters seen in combat are painstakingly created by our artists using thousands of hours, with a slightly funny and comedic element in mind staying true to the original manga story. While combat is serious, there are times to lighten up as well!

☆ Community Features ☆
Play co-op with your friends, or create a guild with them to unlock new challenges! There is no lack of social gameplay features in Ninja Heroes Rebirth! Train your dragon blade hero to summon fantasy monsters in legendary Shinobi war, awaken avengers and slash with tactics.

☆ Cross-platform Adventures ☆
Ninjas from all over the world on both iOS and Android devices are connected to the same fantasy world of ninjutsu. Challenge each other in the PVP arena, or form shinobi clans and participate in epic x battle! Create the ultimate team with ninjas and shinobis from the beloved tale, and join millions of other players in worldwide cross-server ninja battles! The new Ninja War has begun on your mobile devices!

The ninja storm is brewing! Unleash ultimate blazing skills with tactics to crush opponents and kyuubi tailed beast monsters! The power of sharingan ninjutsu is yours to control. Build your own ultimate ninja saga, and become a legend hokage in ninja storm battle!

The current version does not represent the final quality of the ninja anime game as we will keep optimizing existing new anime heroes content and adding new features.

* Recommended specs for getting the most out of our best anime game: Android 5.1.1 or above and at least 100M RAM.

☆ Contact Us ☆
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our customer service at

What's New
Version 1.0.1 (May 08, 2018)

Updated New Version includes:
- 5v5 cross server battles (Global)
- New event spin, chakra artifacts
- New Legendary Heroes
- Free Friday Code!!
- More compatible with more devices

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