Mynet 101 Okey

Developed by Mynet , Turkey's most fun 101 Okey game is now available on Android now. You can play 101 Okey anywhere you want. Chat with your friends , break the pot and earn Mynet Liras.


You can play Mynet 101 Okey either as a guest or with your Facebook account. Play with your Facebook friends or meet new friends and socialize.

To make your 101 Okey experience more fun , you are daily awarded with free Mynet Lira. Don't forget to come back every day and earn more!

101 Okey is a four-player Turkish game played with rummy tiles. The main difference with Okey is that players begin with hands of 21 tiles instead of 15. A player's first meld must have a value of at least 101. With Çanak 101 Okey try to break the pot by melding your joker as last tile.

Game Features:

- Mynet 101 Okey is played online with real opponents.

- Multiplatform support. (You can play with the same account on your mobile Devices and PC.)

- All in game graphics are Retina Display.

- Play online using 3G , Edge or Wireless internet.

- You can play Mynet 101 Okey by teaming up with a friend.

- Play instantly by using 'Hemen Oyna' feature..

- You can invite your friends in your room or go to their rooms.

- You can obtain Mynet Lira in game and continue to play.


You can follow latest news and updates about this game at: http://www.facebook.com/canak101okey

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