My Child Lebensborn
Simulation (Games)

Polygon: "My Child Lebensborn tells a disturbing tale about innocents in the aftermath of WW2”
LevelUp: “The strongest game experience that I have ever had.”

You adopt a young Lebensborn child in Norway after WW2, but parenting will be hard as your child grows up in a hostile and hateful environment. See a different side of the war, inspired by the true stories of the Lebensborn children. Discover how hatred of our enemies continues to create victims, even after victory.

Discover their past and support them in the present. You must balance your time and resources to provide for your child. You will find answers to the hard questions; about their history, the hatred, bullying and the passing of blame.

Can you help Klaus/Karin cope with the heavy inheritance of the German occupation, so they will find their place in a country that is celebrating its freedom.
You can make the difference.

Key Features:
- Influence the child’s feelings, personality and worldview through your choices.
- Look for the effects of your choices in your child’s expressions and body language.
- Explore a gripping storyline based upon true events.
- Earn money as you work, then cook, craft, forage and play.
- Use your time and meagre resources wisely.
- Adopt a boy or girl, and support them through a defining year of their life.

What's New
Version 1.2.210 (Jun 30, 2018)

Smaller hotfix for certain errors related with activities in Kitchen (Table & Counter) and Closet, which could prevent player from progressing.

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Version 1.2.209 (May 30, 2018)

Added Privacy Settings to allow players to to opt-out of game analytics. This can be found under the options menu
Fixing issues related with eating/equipping clothes not always working
Fixed some issues with audio not always playing, such as eating or purchasing from shop
Fixed some food ingredients not showing final product when finished
Fixed particle spawning not being based on touch position
Fixed some UI elements rendering poorly on devices with high resolution

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Version 1.2.206 (May 12, 2018)

Fixed issue with incorrect text shown during end of chapter summary screen

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Version 1.2.205 (May 11, 2018)

- Fixed an infrequent issue where users could not start games from the menu, due to the initial app download failing to complete. Affected users should redownload the app.
- Fixed a potential issue that could prevent the users from continuing from a game Auto Save.
- Fixed issue with player being stuck on second day having to write a letter, even if they did it earlier in the day
- Fixed an issue with Klaus/Karin not going to sleep after certain dialogues

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Version 1.2.203 (May 07, 2018)

First official release of the game

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