Micro Monster Park
Role Playing (Games)

Micro Monster Park is a new adventure game with an IDLE feature that is based on the micro monsters. It enables the players to develop their monsters anytime and anywhere

[Auto Mode & Offline Rewards]
Players can get a bunch of rewards even when offline! Rich contents and functions let you explore micromons' world easily!

[Epic Pixel Monster & Super Evolution]
Hundreds of classic cool microlmons available! Various ways to boost the power of your monsters! Set up your best monster team!

[Fights & Gym Training]
Strive to become the strongest! Master PVP and PVE modes and advance quickly on the path to become the strongest monster trainer!

[Special System & Z-Move]
In addition to the game‘s rich contents of monster characters, skills, species and formations, the Z-move system can also boost the power of your Legendary monsters! Time to bring back your childhood memories!

What's New
Version 1.0 (Jul 10, 2018)

Bug Fixed

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