Kelimelik Solo

Solo 15X15 words on a board, and a word game which is played against the computer does not require an internet connection. Games using the letters on the board with as sizdeyk that the letters must create meaningful words on the board.

symbolizing the three kinds of different difficulty levels in the game are virtual characters. These characters can open up to five new game play at the same time, you can continue to play without interruption.

Solon moves to do a word you get from playing points are automatically calculated and displayed. automatically in the same manner it is shown in addition to be invalid move. Table also feature letters in our game you can easily learn how many letters in which he stayed during the game.

Solo word game for our weekly and all-time best list is shown. In this list you get with an anonymous name that is automatically generated for you and if you want you can change the name for free once. For further changes are required to make payments.

Solon words in order to meet the development and maintenance costs by providing revenue from advertising contained in the game. Publish ads with you we apologize for the inconvenience to our players.

You can also turn off completely by purchasing in-game ads.

Current Turkish Dictionary of Turkish Language Institution in our game 'We take nude reference. This glossary is available from the http://www.tdk.gov.tr/index.php?option=com_gts address, you can check our word.

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