Turkey's most played word games passed the 11 million members! We thank all our players enables us to achieve this success. You also join the family-word and immediately download our Turkish friends to enjoy free play word game.

Features of the play:

★-word everywhere! Whether you want from mobile devices you can play in your computer.

★ game can open up to 20 at a time, so that you can continue to play without waiting.

★ your friends by logging in with your Facebook account, invite game, you can play with mutual friends old and new.

★ If you wish, you can play with random players can make new friends.

★ You can chat with people in your face while playing the game.

★ You can turn off ads PRO membership, can automatically calculate scores, you can open game series, you can increase the number of games that can be opened simultaneously, detailed statistics and you can view the different pro. Also a gift table features the letters to PRO members and 10 people are opening in the buddy list feature.

★ can automatically calculate your score instantly with automatic score calculator.

★ some minutes in the series of games you can open the game moves with time.

★ table with the letter which you can learn how many letters that remain.

★ You can add people you frequently play games with friends list and you can reach them easily.

★ You can change your profile frame color with colored frame.

Our game is being developed in response to repeated requests from you constantly. All suggestions and criticisms can be sent to your address iletisim@he2apps.co, you can follow our https://facebook.com/kelimelikoy and https://twitter.com/kelimelikoy account.

Current Turkish Dictionary of Turkish Language Institution in our game 'We take nude reference. This glossary is available from the http://www.tdk.gov.tr/index.php?option=com_gts address, you can check our word.

To meet the costs of providing word servers located in revenue from advertising in games. Publish ads with you we apologize for the inconvenience to our players.

If you like you can buy in-game purchase using PRO membership, so that ads can reach close to detailed statistics and features such as simultaneous opening 50 games. PRO member of our points calculator, game series, letters, tables and colorful frame features free giving, and we make use of the 10-person list of friends.

Game Series minute feature on Market can open game with some time on the tour.

Again, you can buy points calculator automatically using the in-game purchasing system. In this way you can get can be calculated automatically when you send instant word score.

Counter Market using the text feature we offer that you can learn how many letters which remain.

Friends List feature can create a friends list with 50 people, you can reach the people you play your favorites from this list.

To reach our recent announcements about the game you can follow us on the following channels:

Web: My http://he2apps.co

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Email: My iletisim@he2apps.co

Download our word game, and membership of creating all of our users who log into the game "word Membership and Use Agreement" in the provisions have read, understood and agreed that counted. Membership and Use Agreement word document can be found at the following address:


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