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"If you've ever felt that Dr Frankenstein’s career path was for you then Incredipede will have you laughing maniacally with joy for hours on end" - Indie Game Magazine

"A physics based game done right" - Total Biscuit


Incredipede is a puzzle game that celebrates the vast diversity of life in the world. Follow Quozzle, a lone Incredipede with the unique ability to grow new arms and legs wherever she needs them. Transform into a snake, a spider, a horse, a monkey - anything you can imagine. Control Quozzle as she learns to swing through the trees, climb sheer cliffs, dance over rivers of lava, and even soar through the air on thermal winds.

Try HARD mode if you're keen to BUILD creatures, and NORMAL to play more puzzles based on pre-made creatures. Check out BROWSE for hundreds of user-made levels and creatures!


- Make and control a staggering array of creatures
- 120 levels in three beautifully crafted worlds
- Send your creatures to your friends to try to control
- Use the Level Editor to create your own puzzles
- Immersive ambient soundscape

What's New
Version 2014.07.24 (Feb 23, 2017)

Version 1.75 - support for x86 intel architecture
Version 1.74 - fix password fields (still sometimes can't see yourself type with 3rd party keyboards)
Version 1.73 - integrate the Android back button
Version 1.71 - fixed bug when loading user levels
Version 1.70 - fixed bug that prevented levels from loading when music was muted
Version 1.69 - obey mute button, nicer buttons, remove pc references, potential startup crash fix
Version 1.68 - disable Menu Transitions by default

Expand notes
Version 2014.07.25 (Jul 25, 2014)
Version 2014.07.24 (Jul 24, 2014)
Version 1.74 (Dec 03, 2013)
Version 1.73 (Nov 29, 2013)
Version 1.72 (Nov 28, 2013)
Version 1.71 (Oct 02, 2013)
Version 1.68 (Sep 20, 2013)

2 0 1 1 - 2 0 1 9