Adventure (Games)

In Hextus you are transported through VR to your own personal island, where a quiet rainy forest surrounded by rolling ocean waves awaits your attentions. Here you are free to craft your space to suit you. In this sandbox game you can plant a garden, build yourself a home, brew magic potions and explore all the little details the island has for you.

Come rest in your new home.


- Relax anywhere with a truly portable vacation
- Built specifically for Google Daydream VR
- Interact with the world through your magic wand
- Build a home with an easy to use crafting system
- Harvest plants and clear space to make the world your own
- Plant a garden or a new grove of trees; watch them grow.
- Explore the island
- Brew potions for exciting effects
- Peaceful soundscape
- A quiet cozy aesthetic

What's New
Version 1.0 (Jul 07, 2018)

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