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Gauntlet is a fantasy-themed hack and slash dungeon type game originally released in 1985.

Bring back a little bit of the 1980's nostalgia gaming with this "Gauntlet Clone", hack and slash your way though 27+ Arcade Levels, 13+ Custom Levels(user generate maps and the developers) and finally 94+ ZXSpectrum levels of warrant mayhem and destruction.

Take the lead of one of the main characters Warrior (Thor), Valkyrie (Thyra), Wizard (Merlin) or Elf (Questor) and pick your wits against ghosts, grunts, demons and others, it's your turn to remember what gaming was all about in that classic time period of 1985.

Map Editor Released

It's finally arrived

Now you can play three types of maps independently of each other Arcade (based on the arcde machine), Custom (users or developer has created), ZXSpecturm(based on the 48K spectrum, but with graphics up to date).

I've even added the facility to make your own maps using a custom Map Editor. Press the flashing button, and download the editor, get a little fame when others play your level(s) you have created, With a level name "Please provide one", your developer name, and a description if you want, just create them and send the maps to use, it's all in the download provided.

Screen Sizes

The game will work on phone's and tablet's, but the bigger device screen you can use it will make it easier to move as an 8 way directional virtual joystick is quite sensitive on smaller devices( <6 inch), this has been run and continually gets run on the following devices Samsung Tab S 10.5, Samsung 10.1(2012), Nexus 9, Nexus 7(2013), Nexus 6, HTC Desire 610, if it does happen to freeze lift your finger should reset it.

Further Notes:

Be aware that the controls work like the original (I cannot emphasis this enough), you cannot move and fire at the same time, if you want this feature, go to the main settings and change Classic to Modern (as requested by users).

If you are having trouble moving on your device with the default joystick, change to the touchpad in the main window.

Every few weeks I release new content this may or may not be re-balancing of the game in some way( hero/monsters) and new maps.

Ads system:

In version 1.4+, ads have been added so you can easily get health(optional at the start of a level), to save on your data tariff these ads are not pre-initialised (e.g. pre-downloaded), so it will take longer to start them just so you are aware.

have fun and keep playing.

What's New
Version 1.59 (Apr 02, 2018)

1) - Added arcade levels 42-44.
Also check out the new 4 Game pack called Retro Games Vol.1, some of the all time favorites are there.

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Version 1.58 (Dec 26, 2017)

1) - Added arcade levels 37-41.
2) - Added custom level 17.
3) - Bug fix, because of the engine upgrade, this bust the melee for all monsters, this should now be fixed in this version onwards.
4) - New ad system implemented.
5) - Watching an ad now produces 1000 health previously 200 health.

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Version 1.57 (Nov 18, 2017)

Added arcade levels 35/36
Increased hero health level from 1000 to 2000 as requested by users.
More levels coming soon
enjoy this release and keep playing

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Version 1.56 (Sep 01, 2017)

Added Levels 33 - 34 Arcade
Don't worry I'm still committed to the Gauntlet, I'm working full time so time is limited now :(
The new Retro Gaming Pack is coming along, what with little free time I have
1) - Space invaders - Completed.
2) - Missile Command - Completed.
3) - Asteroids - Completed.
4) - Nibbler - Started (in the last week)
I hope you enjoy and have fun

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Version 2017.07.25 (Jul 25, 2017)

Added Levels 31 - 32 Arcade
Added Levels 16 Custom
Added Levels 99 - 100 ZxSpectrum
The retro games are coming along
1) - Space invaders done,
2) - Missile Command on going,
3) - Asteroids not started
4) - Lunar Lander?
5) - ???
Any idea's for retro games, you might want to see just email me about them.
I hope you enjoy and have fun

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Version 1.54 (Jun 11, 2017)

Added Levels 27 - 28 Arcade
Added Levels 13 - 14 Custom
Added Levels 94 - 95 ZxSpectrum
Because of the recent software updates, the game feels a little faster, I may next time throttle back the generators, let me know what you think, by emailing
I hope you enjoy and have fun

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Version 1.53 (May 27, 2017)

Added Levels 25 - 26 Arcade
Added Levels 10 - 12 Custom
Added Levels 92 - 93 ZxSpectrum
I hope you enjoy and have fun

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Version 1.52 (May 13, 2017)

Added Levels 23 - 24 Arcade
Added Levels 08 - 09 Custom thanks to Chris again for the levels
Added Levels 90 - 91 ZxSpectrum
I've also re-balanced a few features.
I hope you enjoy and have fun

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Version 1.51 (Apr 29, 2017)

Added Arcade Levels 21/22
Thanks to the users that send in maps for the custom section, they have been added in this update
Added Custom Levels 5-7
Added ZxSpectrum Levels 88-89
Don't forget anybody is welcome to send in custom maps, just go to the website and download the custom block map editor, or use the link in game.
I've also changed the all generators, even if they are not in the characters detection area, they will sporn additional monsters.
Hope you enjoy and keep playing

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Version 1.50 (Apr 15, 2017)

Add levels 86-87 in the ZXSpectrum Section
I did notice that the joystick control was not working correctly on tapping only if you move the knob around it was fine, the internal code for the different parts was working opposite to each other, I've now simplified the code so tapping in the direction before dragging will result in the correct direction, and this should also speed up the code execution, as I've removed some maths calculations.

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Version 1.49 (Apr 14, 2017)

It's finally arrived
Now you can play three types of maps independently of each other Arcade,Custom, ZXspecturm
I've even added the facility to make your own maps using a custom map editor see new link button, and download the editor, get a little fame when other use play your level, with developer name, and a description if you want, just create them and send the maps to use, it's all in the download provided.
I hope you enjoy.

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Version 1.48 (Apr 02, 2017)

I would like to start by thanking Mr Reynolds, for his support, and emails, and testing.
A) - Updated Touchpad
B) - Added levels 81-82
C) - Fixed Level 70.
The code is ready for playing all three maps types(Arcade, Custom, ZXSpecturm), but I had no maps done for the first two so I'm putting this back to next time around, Also you will be able to make your own maps, and send them to me to put in the game, a little fame for you.
So have fun and keep playing.

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Version 1.47 (Mar 19, 2017)

Added levels 78-80
Updated and compressed some of the textures used, resulting in decrease size of 750k, and should help with battery life etc, not much but helps.
I've started putting together, a version that will allow you to play three map types Arcade, ZX Spectrum (what your playing now), and Custom, I'm hoping this will be out for next time.

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Version 1.46 (Mar 06, 2017)

1 - New joystick control code, I've tested levels 1-13 and no glitches that I could detect.
2 - I've decreased Hero's/Monsters speed by 10% this should help also with movement (monsters speed may increase next time if it feels to slow).
3 - Added levels 76 - 77
4 - Added and Improved shadows, I've also fixed levels that had wrong tiles displayed made easier because of the shadows displayed on them.
I hope you enjoy this update fingers crossed.

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Version 1.45 (Feb 25, 2017)

I've redesigned the joystick control, the problem is on devices

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Version 1.44 (Feb 18, 2017)

Updated Levels 21-40.
I've redesigned the traps system in the game, as I was never happy with it and in later levels you will have to open multiple traps to escape that level.
Generators now create 40-50% more monsters, I hope this does not slow down your devices!
Also I've added Levels 73-75
Future Information:
I'm testing a update to the joystick that some love to hate, I was going to put it in this update but I felt I needed more testing.
So I hope you enjoy the new levels.

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Version 1.43 (Feb 09, 2017)

I'll start by thanking a user 'Otaku LoBretto', he has had problems with the game no joystick/touchpad once he sent me a little video, it was fixed straight away in this update, this was caused by not going to the settings dialog before starting the game on a NEW install ONLY.
Also I've added Levels 71-72
So I hope you enjoy!

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Version 1.42 (Feb 05, 2017)

levels 11-20 have been updated, and these are now closer to the original.
I've had the chance to add new levels 66-70.
All levels 65+ now uses four different tile variants and the other levels when I update them this was previously just a single tile, this now gives more variety to the level.
New Feature
Poison has been made available to all levels(if there is one of course), these look similar to the cider, but -100 health, so make sure you look first before picking up
So I hope you enjoy!

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Version 1.41 (Jan 26, 2017)

Updates level 1-10, these are now closer to the original.
Larger shadows have been added.
Level 4 now has a new "Exit to 8" been added.
Next update should contain more levels and an update to existing levels.

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Version 1.4 (Jan 13, 2017)

I've added Ads to the game, before you start a level, you have the option to watch an add if you do you will be awarded 250 health points.
Because of most users are on a phone, I've NOT pre-initialised ads to save on data so it will take longer for the ad to arrive.
Its taken a year to find the Arcade maps, although the only have walls/floor/exit, I'm converting the maps to look like the original, more on this next time.
Levels 1, 2, 17, 32, 38, 41 (have had their walls changed), next floors.

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Version 1.3 (Dec 31, 2016)

A) - Added Levels 63-65
B) - rebalanced Ghost Generators
C) - New Control System (Joystick/Touchpad)
The default device is Joystick, if you want to use the touchpad, go into the main settings and change it from the device drop down.
The touchpad has NO direction in the middle of it just around the edges spread evenly 1 third for each direction.
D) - Increased device graphics by 50%
thanks for being patient for this update as I'm a little late(1/2 days) because of the new controls.

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Version 1.23 (Dec 25, 2016)

A) - Added Levels 61/62.
B) - Updated Levels 53-55
More Levels by next weekend coming (if all goes well).

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Version 1.22 (Dec 13, 2016)

A) - Added Levels 59/60.
B) - Designed a custom Splash Screen.
C) - Fixed a bug from level 3 onwards(that I caused in the last update).
D) - Moved the fire button level with the joystick.
E) - I'm in the process of designing a level compactor(so I can shrink the levels), so when the original levels run out at 100, I'll design custom levels, for the game.
Note: In the next update or so the download should be smaller.

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Version 1.21 (Dec 09, 2016)

Added Levels 56/57/58
Added splash screen.
rebalancing continues as follows:
1) - Ghosts returned to preview speeds, I felt they where too slow.
2) - Warrior/Valkyrie speed reduced by 15%.
3) - Elf/Wizard speed reduced by 15%.
4) - Demon Fireball speed increased by 10%
5) - Sorcerer Fireball speed increased by 12%
To make things more of a challenge for you I'm starting to add more none generator units to each level starting from level 56.
Level 58 was corrupted so this my level.

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Version 1.2 (Nov 25, 2016)

Added Levels 53/54/55
From the main screen you can now go into the settings dialog (not the in game settings dialog) and change the control type to Classic/Modern default is Classic.
What this does is change how the hero moves and fires, now with modern you can move and fire at the same time, classic is as the arcade version.
I've rebalanced the ghosts(all levels) by 15% decrease in speed.

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Version 1.1 (Nov 11, 2016)

Updated the joystick controls, now should be less wayward, also updated the joystick graphics and fire button, this update also includes two new maps 51/52

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Version 1.0 (Oct 20, 2016)

2 0 1 1 - 2 0 1 9