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Flippant is a tile-flipping puzzle game. Simple to play, challenging to master.

It's a new twist on the old "15-puzzle" (invented 1874!), where square tiles are slid into an empty space to put them in order, but here the tiles are flipped over their edges, so they can end up upside-down and rotated. Tiles also come in different shapes. Most people find even the simplest board very hard to solve, with just 3 hexagonal tiles and one gap!

• Easy to play, hard to solve
• 8 different tile shapes to choose from
• 4 different board sizes for each tile shape
• Gives a total of 32 boards
• Choose from a selection of provided images
• Load your own images
• Even use live camera feed. Solve your own face!
• Number of moves and time taken are displayed, with best moves/time remembered
• Minimal sound, can be turned off in the settings

To play
• Hit the play button to shuffle the tiles
• Tap on a tile to flip it into the empty space (must be next to the space)
• Try to put the image back together
• Select a board from the list, or swipe on the background. Swipe sideways to change the tile shape. Swipe up and down to change the number of tiles

• Upside-down tiles are greyed out so you can tell which way up they are
• If you tap on a tile that can't move, the valid tiles are highlighted with a radar blip
• When you get a tile in the right spot, and the right way around, it bounces along with all other correct tiles
• Tap in the empty space to bounce the tile that belongs there. Helps to figure out what goes where
• Turn your device to better match portrait or landscape pictures
• To play faster, swipe from tile to tile. Don't swipe the tile into the gap. Swipe away from the gap to the next tile to be flipped

Please rate the app, and let me know what you think, but I can't reply to comments below so please post on the Flippant forum: https://software3d.com/Forums/

What's New
Version 1.1 (Jul 01, 2018)

Initial release

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