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This advert free app has been developed for glider pilots of all kinds such as sailplane gliders, paragliders and hanggliders to help become more proficient at intuitively homing in on where a thermal "core" is, once you have found the thermal. It uses Helmut Reichmann's Coring Theory to achieve this.

Professor Dr. Helmut Reichmann (1941–March 10, 1992) was a German glider pilot, thrice World Gliding Champion and co-founder of the Barron Hilton Cup. He earned his glider pilot license in 1958 and soon achieved prominence as one of the most successful and influential people in the history of gliding. He also developed the Helmut Reichmann's Thermal Coring Theory.

1. If the climb improves, widen the turn by decreasing the banking angle.

2. If the climb deteriorates, tighten the turn by increasing the banking angle.

3. If the climb remains constant, keep the banking angle constant.

Once you've decided on a turn direction, maintain this direction, providing it is safe to do so (when flying).

App Training Instructions

1. Place your finger on the glider, close your eyes and then slowly drag the glider while your eyes are closed and listening to the tone of the Variometer, until you find the core.

2. Don't just head towards a louder Variometer tone, but follow the rules by straightening up when the Vario tone increases and turning when it decreases.

Whether you're hanggliding, paragliding or sailplaining, through repetition and practicing of Reichmanns' Rules, until it becomes second-nature, you will increase your chances of finding the thermal core quicker.

App setting modes include:

1. A silent mode for training in public places, where Vario tones are replaced by device vibrations.

2. A countdown timer, so you can measure your improvement.

3. Thermal drift of varying speeds, where you can set the thermal to move in real-time, while you search for the core.

4. Glider breadcrumb trail to view your path decisions.

Feedback, translations and bug reporting are highly appreciated. Support of this Android app will encourage further app features, and an iOS Apple App Store app.


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What's New
Version (Jul 05, 2018)

Addition of Glider Breadcrumb Trail

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Version (Jul 03, 2018)

First Release of Find The Thermal Core Trainer Full Version 1.0

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