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Frank is an elder son of the family who lives in the USA. He has two younger siblings. After completing his graduation in Bio-Technology, He gets an offer from the pharma industry for a highest salary in the UK. His entire family is in the shifting process. Unfortunately he is arrested by the US police because of his friend Brook has done a project for the terrorist and escaped from his place. Brook has made a last phone call to Frank. With this suspect Frank is arrested by the police. But Frank is an innocent and not aware of this work done by Brook. Frank's family is a middle class where they have full hopes on him to live a dream life. Franks brother meets him in the prison and says about the place where Brook is hiding. Frank tries to escape from the prison to catch the Brook and prove himself as innocent. Help Frank to escape from the Prison. Keep Playing zoozoogames. Have Fun!

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Short Description - Find the way to escape or a hidden object. Play and enjoy new escape games with logical puzzles and riddles.

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We are pleasure to offer games for all age group to enjoy their free time with our best escape games to relax themselves. Our NEW ESCAPE GAMES 2017 categorized for all the age group whereas games for Girls, Puzzles for Boys, Hidden objects for Old Age, Criminal Cases, Tricky and Horror Escape Games for Legends who are Adults. Android new room escape games, Room Escape Games. We advise parents to guide the kids when they play our best escape games. Our point n’ click games are escape games of less MB size which is easy to download.

Play this Escape Game!
- Solve difficult puzzles and riddles!
- Gather tools and items to aid in your escape!
- Find hidden objects that help you break free!
- It’s free! No registration, no hassles, just download and play.

What's new?
- Bug fixed
- Walkthrough Added

【How to play】
・Search by tapping the screen.
・Use arrow buttons to go to the next scenes
・Every object and puzzle has a zoom shot
・Objects names are displayed in the text area.

Playing in the escape game with puzzles and hidden object, a person is not only spending their time for fun, but also improves logical thinking, strategic skills, increase their perseverance and patience.

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What's New
Version 1.0.1 (Jul 03, 2018)

New Escape For Valued Paid Players

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