Dirt Trackin Sprint Cars
Racing (Games)

The long awaited Sprint Car game from the creators of Dirt Trackin' is finally here!
With 410 Winged, Non-Winged, and Midget cars, you'll be sure to find all levels of competition.

6 Fictional tracks, covering different parts of the world.

Real World Drivers in all 3 classes.

Highly Competitive Multiplayer mode, race your friends, your foes, and see how you stack up against the best in the world!

Career Mode: Race your way from the United States to Australia in a grueling 108 race mode, in which you must win each series to advance to the next. Simple, win and you're in. Win your way through the ranks from Midgets up to Full Blown 410 Wing Sprints, and unlock rewards!

Control your way: Choose from Arrow, Tilt, or a virtual touch steering wheel.

Day/Night/Dusk racing modes, pick your time of day to race!

Time to get dirty! Your car will not only get mud splatter and you will need to use tear offs, but your car will also build dirt as you race, just as a real car would on the track.

Stats tracking and XP. Track your stats throughout the entirety of your racing career, whether it be Single Player, Multi-Player, or Career, rack up your wins and top 5’s and track your overall skill progress! Earn XP points for races won, Career series completed, and big bonuses for completing career mode.

Your race results are ranked on a global leaderboard. Check out the privacy policy for more information.

What's New
Version 1.0.13 (May 10, 2018)

Bug fixes and improvements!

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Version 1.0.12 (Apr 28, 2018)

Insane mode added: Need fast? You got it! Try out the insane mode for some killer speeds on the AI cars.
Tilt adjustment: Reduced the Range of tilt that you need to move your phone to get full wheel lock by %50
Performance enhancements.

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Version 1.0.11 (Apr 12, 2018)

Bug fixes and major updates to car physics. Cars now driver smoother with no back and forth jerking on the front and rear of the car.
Updates to AI physics so there's less impact on the player car on contact.
AI is also faster so get ready for a tougher ride!
Track surface updates to suit cars better and provide more side by side racing.
The Clip track was overhauled and is now around 20% bigger.

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Version 1.0.9 (Dec 20, 2017)

Tilt Deadzone adjustment Unlocked.
Leaderboard times also pulled from Hotlaps (no AI cars)
Non-Wing/Midget Physics Adjustments.
Bug fixes

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Version 1.0.9 (Dec 19, 2017)

Tilt Deadzone adjustment Unlocked.
Leaderboard times also pulled from Hotlaps (no AI cars)
Non-Wing/Midget Physics Adjustments.
Bug fixes

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Version 1.0.7 (Dec 14, 2017)

Physics and controls revamp
Bug fixes

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Version 1.0.5 (Nov 17, 2017)

Release notes:
- Fixed a bug on Dirt Trackin Motorplex in Multiplayer races
- Driver name tags fade out earlier so they no longer block corner entry

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Version 1.0.4 (Nov 13, 2017)

Inside walls now have no friction.
Reset career option in settings menu
More steering/handling adjustments to all 3 cars.
Banking adjustment on Down Under and Cushin Pushin
- Bug fixes:
- Camera clipping by another car in multiplayer.
- Fixed the Down Under Walls.
- Moved Dirt Trackin Motorplex Finish Line back to the flagman.
- Multiplayer: Fixed Floating cars.
- Multiplayer: Player car will now recover from crashes.
- AI: Cars no longer miss waypoints and go backwards on the track

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Version 1.0.3 (Oct 25, 2017)

Physics updates on all cars (Major work on front end steering)
Custom laps in all MP races
Performance optimisations
Smoother car position in MP races
Reduced pitch on car engine sounds
Speed added to Wing, NonWing, and Midget cars
Gas pedal to green tint & Brake pedal to red when touched

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Version 1.0.2 (Oct 19, 2017)

- Steering updates
- Car physics updates
- Added drivers Grady Mercer, Tucker Klaasmeyer, Grant Wresche
- Top Timer now holds laptime for 3 seconds after you cross the line so you can peek at your laptime every lap
- More accessible tearoff button
- Show everybody's fastest lap at the end of a Multiplayer race
- Smoothed out the track surface at Cushin Pushin
- Down Under got a new surface and in general is just more fun to race
- Removed some banking from Dirt Trackin Motorplex
- Bug fixes

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Version 1.0.0 (Oct 04, 2017)

First Dirt Trackin Sprint Cars Release!

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