Commando Officer Battlefield Survival
Action (Games)

✪Commando Officer Battlefield Survival✪
🔫 Download the most fun commando officer battlefield survival (FPS) gun shooting game now for free!

Your job is to protect the city. It is your task to knock down all brutal enemies and survive from the battlefield!

Eliminate the terrifying forces in the region and spread your reputation in changing regions!

Game Features:
✪ More guns waiting for you to choose:
8 kinds of styles of firearms waiting for you to control, quickly pick up the gun and shoot the enemy, the world's war situation has changed, the enemy is gradually occupying the city, as a sniper, you must quietly beat them!
✪ Multiple maps:
4 maps with complex terrain, including all the major battlefields in the world warfare, transport ships, cities and other classic battlefields are all here, each map can be unlimited fighting, passion can't stop!
✪ Classic game screen:
The game boasts the world's top 3D graphics, coupled with the rumbling of gunshots to bring you an on-the-spot gaming experience. This game gives you amazing control interface, high-quality visual effects, precise control, advanced physics And destructive effects;
✪ Simple operation:
Click to aim at firing bullets, easily become a shooter, what are you waiting for, let's take part in shootouts and start shooting!

In this melee battle with the enemy, besides destroying the enemy, we must protect ourselves!
Break through the circle! Stand out in this melee and enjoy this gun shooting game of commando officer battlefield survival! 🔫

What's New
Version 1.8 (Jun 20, 2018)

reduce ads
fix bugs

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Version 1.6 (Jun 08, 2018)

fix bug
reduce ads

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Version 1.4 (Jun 04, 2018)


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Version 1.2 (May 31, 2018)


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