Castle Of Awa - Relaxing Mystic Game
Puzzle (Games)

Uncover the mystical challenges of this relaxing puzzle by exploring various mazes that will make you think for hours. Castle of Awa was developed with a set of goals to be achieved, allowing you to play countless times without getting bored.

A jaw-dropping visual with graphics optimized for any device, especially designed to spend hours playing.


Drag the boxes until they fall into the wells of their respective colors and symbols.
There are several elements that help you solve challenges such as elevators, bridges and even secret passages.
We challenge you to solve all levels and goals, relax and think, there is no time or score.

Have a good time

What's New
Version 1 (Jul 08, 2018)

Bug fixes;

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Version 1 (Jun 09, 2018)

Minor spelling correction
Adjusted some objectives
Fixed case here you don't need to put all boxes in their respective weels to complete de level

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Version 1 (Jun 06, 2018)

Release Version

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2 0 1 1 - 2 0 1 9