Castle Kingdom: Crush in Free


- "NEW side-scrolling strategy game done right!"

- "A wide arsenal of interesting units!"

- "Strategic structure and create the alliance of Champions!"

- "Castle Kingdom: Insane Campaign!"

The most addicting tower defense game is now available. And it’s totally FREE TO PLAY! .

In this infinity journey, you will experience being a King of the Empire, gather your troops and build a strong desk to crush enemy’s tower.

Choose your heroes wisely in Castle Kingdom before entering battle: Bowmen to kill from a distance, a flying dragon to rule the sky? Or royal knights to pierce the defense? Your decision will make a huge difference between victory and defeat!

Are you ready to become the Greatest Hero of all time? Lead your Kingdom to glory now!


► Fantastic Castle Defense game with lots of strategic decisions.

► You control the action! Activate Heroes’ skills in real time!

► 50+ challenging campaign levels

► Unique castle's ultimate skills

► Diversity heroes from different clans: High Elves, Knights, Orcs... Collect and upgrade them to your strategy.

► Fierce Arena, clash with other Lords for honor

► Open treasure chests to find powerful equipment and legendary heroes

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