Build A Bear Bear Valley
Casual (Games)

Welcome to Build-A-Bear Workshop Bear Valley, the valley where your furry friends magically come to life. Enjoy the beautiful, fully 3D world of Bear Valley and these other cool features:

• Parents! A single download, fully featured, complete game! – NO IN-APP PURCHASES REQUIRED!!!!!

• An exciting, safe place for kids to explore

• Use your Build-A-Bear Workshop codes to unlock additional furry friends in the game.

• Build and create your own furry friends with all the fun attributes to bring them to life.

• Get the latest fashions and coolest accessories at the “Beartique” and Fluffed Stuffed & Furbulous stores.

• Perform musical “Bear Bops”, Beauty Pageants, and Fashion Shows at the outdoor theater.

• Earn Fashion, Baking, Photography, and Theater degrees at Bear University.

• Customize your very own “Pawsome Pad” with curtains, furniture, wallpaper, and electronics.

• Personalize Bear Valley with Fountains, Toy, Produce and Ice Cream Vendors.

• Prepare delicious goodies at Bearemy’s Bakery.

• Enjoy fun slides, swings, and merry go rounds at Paw Print Park.

• Visit the Toy Vendor to ride skateboards, fly kites, and intertube down the Bear Valley River.

• Go on photo scavenger hunts by visiting Strike A Pose Studio.

• Grow crops, milk cows, and gather eggs from the chickens on the Bear Farm.


What's New
Version 1.0.09 (Jan 14, 2014)
Version 1.0.09 (Jan 13, 2014)

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