Bottom of the 9th
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"A different sort of baseball game but still one that can capture your imagination." - Larry Sullivan, App Review Central

"A very well designed and enjoyable game that does an excellent job capturing the strategy and fun of baseball." - Nick Vigdahl, Touch Arcade

"If you're a fan of board games then there's definitely a lot to love here." - Harry Slater, Pocket Gamer

It’s a beautiful day here at the ballpark, and this game has been a squeaker! Everyone expected the league leaders to roll into town and easily defeat the home team. But the scrappy upstarts have played the game of their lives and managed to keep the score tied right until the end. Their fatigue is showing and now it's their last chance. If the home team batters don’t score a run now, the visitors will be sure to win the game in extra innings. It all comes down to the Bottom of the 9th!

Will you lead the underdogs to victory? Or will you defend the league leaders’ unbroken winning streak?

Bottom of the 9th is a strategic 2-player baseball game played with cards and dice. This faithful adaptation brings the fast-paced fun of the tabletop game to your phone and tablet! Choose your lineup from a pool of players with different strengths and abilities, outsmart your opponent in the stare-down, then roll the dice to trigger the action.

Bottom of the 9th offers many ways to play:
• Compete in single player against a computer opponent (3 levels of difficulty)
• Take on the Manager's Challenge 6-game solo campaign mode
• Pass and play on your device with a friend
• Challenge a friend to play online
• Find a worthy opponent in a ranked online match
• Organize a casual online exhibition game

The powerhouse visitors have 6 dynamite pitchers to choose from, including:
• Wake Louder throws a nasty knuckleball that can get a lost ball just into the edge of the strike zone.
• Southpaw Straw is a talented lefty pitcher with one dangerously effective (and illegal) spitball.
• Hurricane Patriss is a top notch reliever, and the only thing more hypnotic than his curveball is his voice.

Don't count out the home team! They have a dozen batters, each with their own special powers, including:
• Mully Nomah can be devastating against the pitching team when runners are in scoring position. He can clobber a pitch and get those base runners home!
• Kerry Rumble has power behind her swing. She has the ability to crush the ball hard, at the cost of hitting lots of fouls. She just can’t resist taking a swing!
• K.C. Petty is truly a powerhouse when the chips are down. The more strikes he gets, the bigger he swings.
• Hannah Cait may look innocent, but when she's in the zone she calls all the shots! This rookie's level of control over her swing is the envy of many a veteran.

Both teams have access to 2 support characters who provide special abilities to one or both teams:
• Dice Dixon has no problem taking chances coming out from the dugout, benching batters and challenging umps!
• Doc Mullins is always looking after the health of the team, whether that means a more rested pitcher or more energized batters!

The Manager's Challenge solo campaign mode puts you right in the dugout as a team manager. Can you lead your team to the playoffs in a 6-game homestand?
• Play 6 game solo campaigns as the home team against a revolving cast of pitchers.
• Compete in 9 different game situations, including multiple inning games.
• Each campaign game is played using one of 6 effect cards that change the feel of the game.

~~~ There’s nothing that’s quite like the thrill you feel in the Bottom of the 9th! ~~~

Compatible with Android devices with NEON CPU support. Older devices with Tegra 2 CPUs are not compatible. The recommended minimum amount of device RAM is 1 GB.

Bottom of the 9th is an officially licensed product of “Bottom of the 9th” from Greater Than Games and Dice Hate Me Games.

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What's New
Version 1.2.2 (Mar 13, 2018)

This update has some bug fixes to keep your game on track!
- Fixed a problem where the Medium CPU would not gain relief in some cases.
- Fixed a problem where the Advanced Sunset effect would add too many cards to the deck.

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Version 1.2.1 (Nov 22, 2017)

- Multiplayer invite links are now tappable no matter what platform you are using.
- Various other bug fixes and small improvements have been made.

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Version 1.2 (Oct 11, 2017)

Automated upload of version [102]

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Version 1.1 (Sep 11, 2017)

Following some renovations to the ballpark, we are happy to announce that the wide box seats are now available! Bottom of the 9th is now optimized for tablets and can also be played in landscape mode on phone if you wish.
• When waiting for a multiplayer opponent, you can now minimize and play a local game.
• The background camera now remains in your team's perspective as much as possible.
• Audio mixing has been improved.
• On phones there is a new option to allow screen rotation to landscape.

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Version 1.0.3 (Sep 04, 2017)

• Fixed a bug where the game could get stuck after an at-bat when Southpaw Straw was pitching.
• If you change your mind about bringing in a pinch hitter, you can cancel using the ability.
• A few more small bug fixes and improvements have been made.

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Version 1.0.2 (Aug 27, 2017)

Note: games in progress from the last version cannot be resumed in version 1.0.2. Please finish before updating.
• If your opponent leaves in a ranked match, you will earn credit for the win.
• Ranked matches have an inactivity timer.
• The dice roll automatically in turn-based contact mode.
• Flip over cards and navigate to next/previous.
• Drag and drop players to re-order your lineup.
• If your friend sends you an invitation, you can now open it by pasting it into the Pick-up Game popup.

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Version 1.0.1 (Aug 16, 2017)

Throwing out the first pitch: initial public release!

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