Baby Panda’s Juice Shop
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What a hot day! Are you looking for something to quench your thirst? Come to Baby Panda’s Juice Shop for an explosion of fruit juice fun.

Endless Fruit Fun
Choose from a large selection of your favorite fruits and flavors to make juice. What will the strawberries mixed with watermelons taste like?

Creative Action
Make the juice just how you want to! Make it differently every time! Have fun and explore! The only limits are your imagination!

Simple Controls
Making your favorite juice has never been such easy and fun! Blend, chop, and bottle all with a simple touch!

Imaginative Gameplay
Fun and creative ways of juice production let your playing interesting at every turn! Observe animal customers’ reactions and get coins.

Kids-directed Fun
No rules or time limits! Play with your own ideas, and in your own pace.

The customers are lining up and they can’t wait to buy kiki’s fruit juice! Help Kiki prepare delicious fruit juice in the super funny Baby Panda’s Juice Shop!

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