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There is a huge airport in the Hippo town. A lot of passengers use its services every day. Airport must have a lot of workers and managers to satisfy the passengers' needs. Airport is the place where people of different professions are working together. There are stewardess and pilot, cashier and security officer. And the shop assistant of duty free shop invites everybody to visit the shop. Today we are going to learn about the professions which serve the airport in the Hippo town. The most skillful crew invites you to our plane. Let's go! Unbelievable adventures are waiting for us!

We have prepared a real family surprise for boys and girls. We are going to some interesting place, where we'll get to know a lot of interesting and useful information. It is a real sky harbor, which could help you to get to any country, city or any place on our planet. It is not just an ordinary visit to a huge airport, we will also get to know about the professions, which could be met here. Do you want to know how a real stewardess works or how a pilot prepares a plane for take-off? Or maybe you want, like a real manager, launch your own duty free shop? You could check whether you are a good seller by playing our game behind the counter of the shop! Then you could look after the job of cashier, serving international flights. Together with Hippo you could visit luggage space and get to know the peculiarities of security officer job. But that's not all! We are going to learn how interesting is the job in passport check-point and try the job of stewardess! We are going to try a lot of interesting tasks today. It is easy and interesting to learn professions! Hippo crew is ready to pass a preflight check and go to the far away countries. Take part in all unbelievable adventures together with us!

This new game, as well as all our family games for boys and girls, is absolutely for free. We have prepared a lot of interesting and useful games about important and exciting professions. Have fun and play our games together. Learn professions together with our beloved Hippo!

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